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'66% of residents said that the quality of life was good.'

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Plan Key Points

The Parish Plan Survey produced a number of telling statistics:

  • 500 questionnaires were completed
  • 874 adults and 55 young people participated
  • 66% of respondents said that the quality of life in Coxheath was good
  • 48% of respondents had lived in Coxheath for more than 20 years
  • Least represented group was the 17 – 29 year old age range

The feedback on key issues highlighted:

Health and Social Services

  • A high number of respondents (90%) use GP surgeries and the chemist in the village;
  • 33% of persons were unable to register with the dental practice in the village;
  • Elderly people advised of difficulties in getting to and from local GP surgeries and Maidstone Hospital.


  • A well used and valued facility, worthy of seeing possible improvements in areas such as parking and opening hours.


  • Respondents indicated a high dependency on buses;
  • Interest was shown in the potential for safe cycle routes in and around Coxheath;
  • Concern at the loss of services such as ‘Park and Ride’ and the community ‘post bus’;
  • Criticism of the existing traffic calming measures.

Amenities and Leisure

  • High proportion felt that amenities were poor for couples, young families and teenagers in particular;
  • Significant demand/interest for new community land and facilities such as wildlife/nature walks, all-weather multi-use games area, youth facilities and an additional sports hall;
  • Top three preferences for additional sports facilities were for fitness training, tennis and cricket;
  • 60% of respondents indicated that they would use a village social club which supported of range of facilities and activities – becoming the focus of community life.