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Cold Callers

Please be aware of cold calls regarding an offer of a security check for your home and to fit a security alarm also saying they work for the council. This could be a scam.

It has been reported 2 men are visiting homes claiming to be from the Water Board and wanting to take a sample of the water. They have no id or uniform. They were refused entery and them left. Please do not let them in. This has been reported to the police.

Covid-19 Scams  Please be aware there are two scams both related to coronavirus, where persons have tried to gain entry to peoples homes. If you get any unexpected callers to your door in such circumstances, please do not allow them entry. The health service will not cold call like this. Additionally , call the police and let them know your concerns.

TV Licence Scam.  You are contacted saying you have over paid you TV licence fee and owed a refund. Please send us your bank details. This most likely a scam.

Credit scam alert. Please be aware of scams targeting people with offers of low cost loans or free goverment grants.These are being offered on doorstep callers,on the phone or via social media.

Watch out for TV refund SCAM emails. Tips for spotting scam emails, Check the email contains the correct spelling of your name in email address, contents for spelling and grammer. and the link goes to the real TV Licencing web site.

SCAM EMAILS: Please watch out for fake emails perporting to  be from Talk Talk, stating that your account is in credit and you are owed a refund. Don't click on any links or give any of your personal details.

We have recieved reports of residents being cold called by individuals, claiming to be part of an ex-affenders scheme and selling garden and household items.

Please be aware that ex-affenders will never ask to cold call as part of any ex-affender scheme.

Door step criminals call on unsuspecting households offering convincing deals to try to get you to agree to have work carried out or buy goods.