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Hanover 2

Coxheath Map

Map showing the boundaries of the village

Coxheath today - and tommorrow?

Parish Plan 1


Plan for Maidstone's development to 2026

The Parish Council has responded to the consultation on the Maidstone Core Strategy which will determine the scale and broad location of development in the Borough up to 2026. Main points made by the PC included:

  • Need for much more ambitious action on transport problems, including the A229 through the Town and park & ride facilities serving the South West of the Borough
  • Need to recognise and protect the landscape importance of the Greensand Ridge and the Low Weald
  • Need to provide adequate open space and amenity areas, particularly in areas of major shortage like Coxheath
  • Need for more flexibility so that community supported needs and infrastucture throughout the Borough. not just in the Town and Rural Service Centres, can be met
  • Need to rethink very confused gypsy poloicies

The full text of the Parish Councilresponse can be foundĀ  in the Parish Council section of the website