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Mike FitzGerald



wcpc wiiners 2011

St Simon Stock

Mash Face


St Simon Stock 2011 World Custard Pie Champions

Cowboy team'Burning Barrels and Rolling Cheeses' took the best fancy dress prize.

Despite the cold wind 25 teams and about 40 stalls attracted lots of visitors and lots of money was raised for Age Concern and Help the Heroes.

As featured on the internationally well known travel and tourist website 'msn'. Have a look and click on this link: http://travel.ca.msn.com/

The very first championship took place on the 24th of June 1967 at Coxheath organised by then local resident Cllr Mike FitzGerald and the very popular children entertainer Richard Hearn (commonly known as 'Mr Pastry'). At it’s peak, teams came from all over the world to throw custard pies made up from a 'secret recipe'. Even today the recipe is a closely guarded secret. The championships went on for 20 years and then had a 20 year break, but when Cllr Mike FitzGerald became mayor of Maidstone, Cllr Brian Mortimer thought it would be fitting to hold a one off event on the 40th anniversary and this was held in Mote Park on the 6th of June 2007. As that championship went so well, and had TV and press coverage all over the world, it was decided to hold the event every year.